Helping - how to get involved

Here is how you can help us to reach the youth in our community

~ Pray!!! For safety, for open hearts, for faith

~ Prepare or deliver food we serve 3 meals in the Middle/High School camp and lunch and snack in the Elementary camp
~Be a volunteer - we have all kinds of positions for you to serve from photographer, to media person, greeter, to counselor, etc

~ Donate paper products - we use quite a bit of paper products so we don't have to buy or wash dishes by hand

~ Donate camp necessities - we use a lot of "props" such as shaving cream, playground balls, games, rabbit -, calf -, chicken -, 

   horse feed, and so much more

~ Support the ministry financially - vans to transport the youth, gas, liability insurance, golf cart rental, facility rentals, food, snacks, props etc.

~ Spread the word - share with your church, organization, group about the PA Youth Ranch.  Invite us to your church or organization, we would love to come and share about what we do
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